Books for the Kids

We have a library check-out list a mile long, so we’re sharing some of our best kid-picks with you! 
Do you or your kiddos have some books or other amazing resources we should try?  Email me!

Click on the photos for links to the recommendations.  
Fair warning – I may get paid if you buy the books through my affiliate links.  Thanks a bunch!

child-945422_640Resources to build a Christian foundation

Looking for faith-building stories to share with your littles? Here are some that we’ve liked along the way… 



girls-462072_640Resources to build character

We love these books and other resources that help kids understand others – whether through character-building lessons or tolerance and acceptance of others’ similarities and differences… Some are silly, some are serious, but all of them have a purpose.


person-941311_640Resources for your little nature-lovers

Are you looking for ways to encourage or build your child’s love for nature?  We love anything that can inspire curiosity in Creation, and here are some of our favorite go-to items to take us outside and love it!



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