stop hiding: part 1 – what good is hiding in fear

It’s time to stop hiding.

It’s time to stop hiding in the darkness, away from the Fear that can so easily entangle and control and manipulate strong hearts and souls into thinking that there is no Hope.

It’s time to stop hiding from the darkness that so quickly envelops our lives when mass tragedy andhiding-1209131_640 terror attacks destroy even a fragile grasp on Love and Peace.

It’s time to stop hiding.  What good is it doing?!  How is hiding and fearing actually helping anything?

What problems are being solved by increasingly diving deeper into the abyss of terror that we allow to reign unchecked on our souls?  How are we preventing the next tragedy on American or any other soil by keeping our mouths shut and our hands and feet rooted in fear?

Because we could too easily lay blame for the horrific mass shooting in Orlando at the feet of someone else.

At the feet of the killer’s ex-wife or current wife who knew that he was mentally ill, violent, and abusive.

At the feet of the police or FBI who had had several warnings about the guy, his instability, his volatility.

At the feet of nightclub security who may or may not have been present, much less stopped the brutality.

At the feet of the victims in the nightclub for being part of a community that seems to have been targeted specifically or for not being aggressive enough to stop the killer from continuing his spree.

At the feet of former teachers or family members or friends who should have seen something in his past, any signs that would have foretold the terror-inducing events of this weekend.

At the feet of politicians and gun control advocates and gun rights advocates for their divisive stances and public bashing about which side is right or wrong or both.

At the feet of black market gun dealers who would provide weapons anyway to those with enough motive and money to obtain said weapon, legal or not.

At the feet of “the system” or all of the systems that are overworked, understaffed, underpaid, over-governed or non-governed, that are constantly teetering on the edge of adequacy or complete and utter meltdown most of the time.

At the feet of anyone else but remnants

The reality is that we are all to blame…


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